HODWORKS Mirage / collaboration

“Mirage, the latest performance of Hodworks, a troupe of independent dancers regularly working together, and choreographer Adrienn Hód, is not unlike a genre-transgressing, iconoclastic punk-rock band at the top of its game coming out with a folk-based death-metal album. The novel means of expression in the case of Hodworks is not the result of ecstatic dancing experiments, but of profound preliminary research. The outcome could now be numbness. Moreover, the piece seems to be aimed at liquidating contemporary dance. Never before has it been this obvious that the state of powerlessness, vulnerability, captivity and its various stations can be conveyed in terms of moving and sound-uttering bodies, and systematically at that. Emese Cuhorka, Csaba Molnár, Zoltán Vakulya and Jessica Simet (accompanied, for the first time, by Jenna Jalonen and Máté Horváth) create individual emotional situations and conflicts in simple black leotards. […] To create the illusion of illusionlessness with just the body and without any other means in a way that is never for a moment boring but often extremely funny, like a morbid funeral – now, that I call poetry.” Sisso Artner, MaNcs, vol. 31, no. 7 (14 February 2019)

  • Performers and co-creators: Emese Cuhorka, Jenna Jalonen, Máté Váth, Csaba Molnár, Jessica Simet, Zoltán Vakulya

  • Music: Béla Bartók: For Children and Ábris Gryllus

  • Lights: Miklós Mervel

  • Costume and props: Csenge Vass

  • Dramaturge: Ármin Szabó-Székely

  • Choreographer: Adrienn Hód

  • International relations: György Ujvári-Pintér

  • Photography: Gergő Ofner

Supporters: EMMI, NKA, OFF Foundation, SÍN Cultural Centre, Partnership with Workshop Foundation