HODWORKS Amber / collaboration

The six dancers in the piece (Júlia Garai, Csaba Molnár, Balázs Oláh, Attila Rónai, Jessica Simet, Csaba Varga) form three […]

Eszter Salamon MONUMENT 0.6: HETEROCHRONY Palermo 1599-1920 / collaboration

In a continuation of the Monuments series, this new iteration creates on stage an imaginary field between the past and […]

Hodworks & Unusual Symptoms Coexist / collaboration

“Such rousing cheer has not been heard in Theater Bremen’s Kleines Haus for a very long while. With a demonstration […]

HODWORKS Mirage / collaboration

“Mirage, the latest performance of Hodworks, a troupe of independent dancers regularly working together, and choreographer Adrienn Hód, is not […]

HODWORKS Sunday / collaboration

’SUNDAY contains besides Adrienn Hód also some Bosch and Pasolini. (…) It’s a kind of experience that the spectator can’t stay […]

MA•ZE / co-creations

A dance collective founded by Emese Nagy, Kristóf Várnagy and Jessica Simet. This two year choreographic collaboration has resulted in […]

Cie Pál Frenák / collaboration

Collaboration with choreographer Pal Frenak between 2010-2012. Performed in k.Rush, InTime, Seven, Switch, Les Pallets, Frisson Photo credits: Imre Nagy-Kővágó, […]